Our steel processing center covers an area of 10000square meters and has 8 production lines, includinggalvanizing, pickling, electrical steel, automotivesteel, stainless steel, and aluminum. With advancedproduction equipment and technology, the monthlyproduction capacity can reach 40000 tons.

Our processing technology covers multiple methods,such as longitudinal cutting, transverse cutting,leveling, and laser cutting, to meet various customerneeds, including complex trapezoidal and irregularplates. We also provide various types of packaging,such as export precision packaging, waterproofpackaging, winding packaging, etc.

One of the characteristics of our processing centeris handling for small batches of steel coils. Solvedcustomer pain points and helped them reduceprocurement costs.Our advanced processing equipment can effectivelyhandle steel coils of various specifications and sizes,with a width tolerance controlled within+/-0.1millimeters. In addition, we have strict operatingstandard procedures to ensure product quality andsafety.We are committed to providing customers withhigh-quality processing services and becoming their

trusted partners. Our highly skilled staff work shiftwork, enabling us to achieve uninterrupted production and ensure timely delivery within 24 hours.Our processing machines and production lines haveundergone strict quality control and safety standardcertification, such as ISO9001. At the same time, wealso pay attention to environmental protection,comply with ISO 14001 environmental standards,and minimize the impact of production on the environment. Our steel coil processing plant is trustedand praised by customers for its high-quality products, excellent service, and fast production capacity.