Automobiles greatly facilitate the production and life of modern people; automobiles are also complex assemblies, and manipulators are indispensable in production process.

Manipulators are widely used in the four major processes of automobile manufacturing (stamping, welding, painting, and assembly), especially in welding and assembly production lines, where a large number of manipulators can be seen.

Automobiles are the crystallization of high-tech. Automobiles are assembled from tens of thousands of independent parts that cannot be disassembled. In such a small space, accommodating so many parts with different functions and shapes must pose a great challenge.

With the manipulator, the weight is no longer a burden, the shape is no longer a worry, and there are solutions for assembly accuracy.

The manipulator will bring a better operating experience.

Of course, various industrial products are inseparable from the assembly. According to the different parts characteristics and production processes, different material handling solutions need to be configured.

With the help of manipulators, the troublesome production process in the past will become easier and smoother now. 

Your car has changed from "a steel plate" to a "private space" where you can let your dreams fly, without the participation of the manipulator.