Machine Feeding

In the labeling, printing, textile and other industries, how can coil loading be easily? How to achieve horizontal alignment of paper cylinder and mandrel? What about feeding for other machines?

In the feeding and unloading process of many machines, the weight of the material is relatively heavy, and there are special posture requirements or placement requirements. 

How to achieve it?

In recent years, with the development of labeling, printing, textile and other industries, there are more and more materials of various coil styles, and there are more and more scenes of machine feeding.

MOOPEC has developed a standard product specially for coil materials - coil handling manipulators, which can easily and flexibly handle various types of coils. When the coil is fed, the relative level of the inner cylinder and the mandrel of the machine is very critical. The automatic center of gravity adjustment mechanism can solve this problem well and bring more value to customers!

  • Payload: 15 - 350kg 

  • Grab method: 
    Internal support type/external clamp type 

  • Lifting stroke: up to 2.0m 

  • Special technology: 
    Automatic center of gravity adjustment
    human operation handle
    Self-developed gas control valve
    Simple pipeline 

  • Suitable for production and logistics purposes 

  • Can be customized as required