Pneumatic Balancer

A pneumatic wire rope balancer can realize the floating state of any weight in a certain range of load range, material handling is easier and faster, to avoid the damage of overwork.

How is this weightless floating state achieved? Take soft cable pneumatic balance crane as an example, let's reveal the mystery:

Pneumatic balancer, using the principle of pneumatics, through the ball nut/screw combination, the linear motion of the piston and the winding rotation movement of the drum are converted to each other, with a small change in air pressure drive wire rope up and down movement; With different control systems, different balance modes can be realized to match the corresponding scenarios.

Core secrets of the product:

Air chamber and piston

        The heart of the system. The linear motion of the piston is driven by a slight air pressure change, and the wire rope         drum is driven to rotate through the ball nut/screw combination to realize the up and down movement.

Wire rope drum 

        Special engineering plastics show excellent durability and grinding performance, so that every winding motion of           the wire rope is equally smooth. 

Heavy duty thrust bearing

        The conversion core of linear motion and winding motion makes the wire rope drum produce smooth rotating               motion.

Multiple security mechanisms:

Load indicator

       Can indicate the load status to tell the operator                    whether the material can be lifted or unloaded at this        time. Improve work efficiency and ensure operation          safety.

Misuse protection device

       The unique internal interlocking safety valve group              can automatically detect the load state and transmit          the corresponding logic signal to the system. The              workpiece can be unloaded only after the weight of          the workpiece is supported by the workbench,                      providing more protection for the safety of the                  operator.

Automatic brake

       When the up and down running speed is too fast, it          will start automatically and lock the up and down of          the wire rope.