In the logistics warehouse of the brewery, thousands of full and empty cans are exchanged every day. How can inefficient handling meet the market demand? What about the turnover of other commodities?

For medium and large-scale logistics centers, the turnover speed of various commodities is extremely fast. MOOPEC has developed a special manipulator system for various commodities to meet the needs of e-commerce platforms for rapid turnover of commodities.

  • Payload: 15 - 200kg 
  • Grab method:
    Clamping method/cup type suction cup/sponge suction cup
  • Lifting stroke: up to 2.0m
  • Special technology:
    Automatic center of gravity adjustment
    Human operation handle
    Self-developed gas control valve
    Simple pipeline
  • Suitable for production and logistics purposes
  • Can be customized as required