Products Innovation

How to deal with 500kg workpiece? Will the lift be heavy?

Polysilicon rod weight will reach 450kg, engineering machinery parts sometimes more than 400kg, in order to lift such heavy parts, the weight of the fixture may reach 200~300kg, manipulator need to lift the total load may reach 800~900kg, The pneumatic power booster system maybe difficult to the operators. What should we do?

MOOPEC has prepared the electric servo balance control system for your scenarios, which can achieve more effective and reasonable lifting, helping your production more efficient!

In MOOPEC team, we have senior manipulator industry experts, are in depth of interaction with many aspects of experts in the actual projects, and constantly promote the manipulator for specific application scenarios of standardized products.

The accumulation of one product and one project will break forth vastly; Only by repeatedly careful attentions to the details, recording the operation experience of new product and the feedback from the operator during return visit, and optimizing and continuously iterating the product, can realize the accumulation and play of lesson and experience . 

All the efforts are only to help the excellent performance of manipulator products in your work site!