Aluminium Crane

The product design originated from Europe innovatively combines the lifting and handling of heavy objects in space through various movements in the X, Y and Z directions of the space coordinate system, and realizes random movement in space by linear movements.

In particular, the movement in the plane is achieved through a low damping rail system. In order to avoid the use of external power as much as possible, the rails, pulleys, rail accessories, etc. manufactured through special design and processing technology all reflect the ingenuity in details. Equipped with European-made  transmission parts and bearings, the damping of horizontal linear movement is significantly reduced (the evaluation data is significantly better than similar solutions), bringing a smoother and gentler movement experience.

Smooth operation, bring you a better working environment

When the rail system runs more easily and effortlessly, it not only brings a pleasant operating experience to the staff, but also a healthier working environment. This is why eepos pays special attention to the optimization of details when developing system components.

The test results show that eepos system is a very easy sliding rail system. We redefined the ergonomic design of the slide system.


Rail system parts modular, easy collocation and assembly.

Light Damping

The pulling force is better than conventional aluminum rail and much better than traditional steel rail.  

Ultra-low friction coefficient can reduce power walking solutions to a greater extent, saving customer investment costs.


The overall design and details of the rail system are polished, showing outstanding performance. 

Reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency.

Multiple Combined Apps

  • Rail shape design, pulley PA material and aluminum alloy material matching
  • The upper and lower heights of the pulley are designed to ensure the stability when sliding.
  • The rail pulley is equipped with a cardan shaft, and the large-span beam will not be stuck
  • The lifting point is divided into flexible connection and rigid connection. All parts are connected by standardized bolts
  • Modular design for quick and easy installation with less downtime required for equipment installation