Lifting Axis

The product design and manufacturing process originated from Europe, equipped with European-made  transmission parts and bearings, significantly reduces the damping of horizontal and vertical linear motion (the evaluation data is significantly better than similar solutions), bringing a smoother and gentler lifting experience. 

Lifting Axis adopts a linear motion scheme to achieve spatial movement with low-damping linear motion, which provides a good platform for the integration of automation elements in industrial production, and can develop semi-automatic and fully-automatic manipulator systems that meet various application needs.

  • Modular 
    • Modular design
    • Easy collocation between parts, easy assembly
  • High Performance
    • Short original size, long expansion distance 
    • High torque: maximum 2.500Nm lateral torque and 1.750Nm torque 
    • Low maintenance cost and easy maintenance 
    • Light weight (aluminum alloy) 
  •   Modular parts, easy collocation and assembly 
    • M4 extruded aluminium alloy profile 
    • Length free cutting and assembly 
    • Bearing spacing can be adjusted freely (more flexible scenarios)