Product Packaging

In the logistics turnover of various commodities, carton packaging is very important. However, simple and common actions such as carton handling and palletizing have hidden risks of injury.

MOOPEC has developed a special box-type manipulator for product packaging, stacking and other scenarios, which can be applied to various process needs in different scenarios, such as: reclaiming, unloading, lifting, rotating , emptying, putting products in or taking out materials from the box, etc., and provides an adaptive operating handle for the stacking height. 

  • Payload: 15 - 200kg 
  • Grab method: clamping method/cup type suction cup/sponge suction cup

  • Lifting stroke: up to 2.0m 

  • Special technology: automatic center of gravity adjustment, human operation handle,  Self-developed of gas control valve, simple pipeline 

  • Suitable for production and logistics purposes 

  • Can be customized as required