We are unique in the deep integration of innovative design and cutting-edge technology to create efficient and reliable industrial robot solutions tailored to our customers, while providing seamless supply chain services to ensure that expectations are exceeded.


How We Are Different

Products As Services

MOOPEC emphasizes a service-oriented sales philosophy,which not only delivers products, but also provideshigh-quality pre-sales, irv-sales. and after-sales services tomaximize customer satisfaction. Our one-stop solubonsystem. COPAD. seamlessly integrates all those services toensure a smooth transition, improve operational efficiency,and reduce overall costs for our clients. Our sales team isnot |ust salespeople, but also trusted strategic partners forour clients.

Trust Strategy

Moopec follows the “Trust Strategy"to enhance relationships withcustomers and vendas, adapting tochanging market needs. We focuson integrity and responsibility,reducing costs and improvingcommunication, and sharing risksand opportunities for mutual benefits.

Business Intelligence

MOOPEC collects and analyzes data to provide customers with valuable insights into their businessneeds. By developing effective data strategies, we enable a shift towards data-driven transformation,reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


We partner with multiple steel mills to provide procurement and processing services for various materials. Connecting to diverse steel markets, v/e offer customers diverse steel options and access to thelatest market information and favorable material pMes through our close cooperation with steel mills.