Lifting Trolley

In some stations of the factory, in low and narrow spaces, it is necessary to frequently feed the machine or the finished product off the assembly line...

Disassembly of heavier equipment components in nooks and crannies during equipment maintenance ......

These workstations have no installation space for lifting equipment, or there is not enough space to stretch, what should we do?

We have a new solution for you - the TAWI lifting trolley.

TAWI lifting trolley with electric lift for heavy lifting; horizontal movement with no power, you can easily place the goods to the predetermined position . You can pick up workpieces from vertical or horizontal and rotate and convey different workpieces with minimum force to place them precisely in the specified position.

TAWI lifting equipment has been promoting ergonomic material handling for decades, providing mature solutions based on your specific needs to help you improve the operational efficiency and market competitiveness.