CR01/CR02/CR04/CR05/CR06 Cold Rolled Steel

Low carbon steel with good weldability and formability. It is commonly used in applications that require low weight and high strength, ranging from automotive body panels to appliances and office furniture. It is also used in the production of steel drums, steel pipes and other tubular products.

GradeChemical Composition for CR Mild Steels
CR010.13 max0.60 max0.030 max0.035 maxN/A
CR020.13 max0.50 max0.030 max0.020 maxN/A
CR04(2)0.08 max0.50 max0.025 max0.020 max0.015 min
CR05(2)0.025 max0.30 max0.020 max0.020 max0.015 min
CR06(2)0.020 max0.25 max0.020 max0.020 max0.015 min
NOTE 1 : Only for special application, the letter B shall be added when a minimum Carbon content of 0.015% or 0.0003% (3ppm) Boron is required (i.e., CR04B).

NOTE 2 : Aluminium killed fine grain steel. Total Al content ≥ 0.015%. Titanium, Niobium and other alloying elements (e.g. B) can be used in combination for fully stabilized products. No change in mechanical properties for at least six months.

NOTE 3 : Total aluminium (free and combined).
GradeYield Strength
Tensile Strength
A50 % min1A80 % min10%-20%
r-90° min3
CR05140~180270~33040390.20 1.9
NOTE 1 : ZnNi and galvanneal coated steels: total elongation shall be reduced by 2%.

NOTE 2 : The n value can be 0.01 lower for ZnNi and galvanneal coated products.

NOTE 3 : The r-90o value can be 0.2 lower for thickness > 1.4 mm and/or galvanneal coated products.