Skylight Installation Manipulator

As the penetration rate of automobiles in China increases year by year, more than 50% of the models are equipped with sunroofs, the proportion of first-line joint venture brand models is about 60%, and that of high-end brands even reaches 100%. There are many types of car sunroofs, including: built-in type, sliding type, opening type, fixed glass panoramic type, folding type, etc.

Figure 1: Car sunroof

The current car consumer group is mainly biased towards youth and personalization. Panoramic sunroofs are increasingly favored by consumers. The bigger the skylight is, the lower the utilization rate of steel is, and the bigger and heavier the glass is, it is extremely difficult for workers to install it. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the power-assisted manipulator to help!

Product in this issue:Skylight installation assist manipulator

Case:Automobile Manufacturing Enterprise

Figure 2: Car sunroof

Disadvantages of Traditional Car Sunroof Installation

  • Manual handling, the glass is too heavy, requires the cooperation of multiple people, and it is easy to cause work-related injuries during the handling process;
  • Electric hoist cantilever crane, the operation is still heavy, the relevant fine requirements cannot be met, and there is a lack of safety protection devices;

Highlights of the Power Assist Manipulator

  • The number of operators has been reduced from 3 to 1, the efficiency has been increased by 62%, the cost has been saved by 78%, the product quality has been significantly improved, and work-related injuries have been avoided;

Figure 3: Workers are installing car sunroofs 

  • The system consists of three major parts: track system, pneumatic balance crane host and standardized glass handling fixture (vacuum adsorption fixture);

Figure 4: Track system

  • Equipped with a load display, which can indicate the load status, when the equipment is loaded, the display is red. Equipped with misoperation protection function, when the workpiece (that is, the glass to be transported) is not effectively supported by the work surface, the unloading button will fail to avoid the risk of industrial injury caused by misoperation;

Figure 5: Load display

  • Integrated ergonomic control handle, easy coordination of left and right hands, easier to achieve convenient assembly.

Installation Process

Figure 6: A worker is using a robot to install a skylight

  1. The forklift delivers the sunroof components to be assembled to the assembly station;
    The operator starts the power-assisted manipulator system from the parking place;
  2. Position the vacuum suction cup fixture of the power-assisted manipulator at the center of the outer surface of the skylight assembly to be reclaimed for automatic adsorption;
  3. Lift the workpiece slowly, and continue to lift the workpiece after the load indicator turns red;
  4. Operate the shift of the manipulator to transfer the sunroof assembly to the vehicle assembly position;
  5. According to the assembly position needs to be centered (up and down fine adjustment, left and right fine adjustment), and sent to the installation position;
  6. Fine-tune the angle of the skylight assembly to ensure that the outer surface is flush with the finished surface;
  7. Slowly lower the workpiece, and when the load display turns white, press the unload button to unload the workpiece;
  8. Lift the gripper of the manipulator, move to the parking place, and wait for the next working cycle;
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