Scaffold palletizing manipulator

In the developed countries of Europe and the United States, the cost of labor is very high, and most families maintain their houses sporadically, basically using the way of self-sufficiency. Among them, detachable household scaffolding, very popular! The demand is very high, the export value of customers is up to about 300 million and the production pace is fast, the former welding station has adopted the robot automatic welding production. The product palletizing beat was very short, 50~80S/PC, which brought a lot of difficulties to the manufacturers.

Household scaffolding

Project requirement

When the scaffold products are sold, they are packaged in cartons. Before packing, several small parts need to be put together and tied with packing tape.

After the product parts are bundled into components, the size is large, 1600*620*260mm, which requires two people to carry. Its weight is relatively heavy (47kg), and the working load of workers is large.

Component palletizing, stacking 12 layers, the lower to bend, the upper to lift, difficult operation.

The workers are carrying the scaffolding

Parts are bound with packing belts. Parts may become loose, and workers may be injured easily when moving them.

Stacked warehouse

When the order is delivered, the production is extremely busy, and the production workshop is in short supply. It is often necessary to mobilize the office staff to work together in busy production, handling, packing and other production processes. After all, they are heavy physical work, which not only makes the office staff complain a lot, but also easily produces the knock and bruise of the product.

When orders rush in, the delivery time is often delayed, and the production bottleneck needs to be solved urgently.

Scaffold palletizing manipulator

Scaffold palletizing manipulator, the use of power clamping fixture, can quickly grasp the workpiece. Contact with the workpiece using soft material, will not produce any bump.

The workers are working with a manipulator

The fixture is equipped with the initial positioning device, grab the workpiece, fast to realize the grab, to ensure that the workpiece in the process of loading in the horizontal posture, palletizing, will not bump with the lower product. Integrated ergonomic control handle, left hand and right hand easy coordination, easier to realize convenient assembly.

Product highlights
  • The fixture is small and light, easy to operate.
  • The moving weight of the whole machine is light, and there is no burden for taking and discharging materials.
  • With the help of fixture, the lower and upper palletizing is easier to achieve.

Work flow

 The workers are working with a manipulator  

  1. Parts are placed on the packing table in turn, and the machine is packed.
  2. After packing, the worker operates the manipulator, gets close to the workpiece, and aligns with the workpiece according to the predetermined procedure.
  3. Start the jaw to grip the workpiece.
  4. After confirmation, lift the workpiece.
  5. The display is red and the workpiece is effectively clamped.
  6. Continue to lift the workpiece, move the workpiece to the workpiece stacking place, stacking.
  7. Lower to the set position and release the gripper when the display turns white.
  8. Remove the fixture and wait for the next work cycle.
Palletizing Manipulator 2