Palletizing Manipulator 2

With the development of science and technology, the lack of labor, many consumer electronics factories, TV factories and so on in the operation of palletizing this link, choose simple operation of electrical offline manipulator to palletizing, which not only saves costs, but also improves production efficiency.

Electrical offline manipulator is generally at the end of the production line, the bags, boxes, barrels and other materials from the production line in accordance with the set of instructions to stack them to the offline tray. Finally, it is stored in the warehouse by forklift truck.

Electrical appliances are fragile and should be handled with great care. Traditional palletizing handling, usually encounter the following problems:

  • Electronic products belong to fragile goods, freehand handling operation, easy to slip, slip may fall to the ground or collision, resulting in product damage, scrap, product qualified rate will be significantly reduced.
  • Product line, high stacking height, accuracy to be accurate, difficult to operate.
  • Production season, the production beat (30s/ unit) very quickly, production and temporary storage is very large, the product line is easy to block. 
  • Production season, temporary recruitment personnel to solve the product offline problem, but encountered heavy physical positions "recruitment difficulties" new problems.

Electrical Offline Manipulator Function

Figure 1:  Palletizing Manipulator

  • Power clamp/vacuum adsorption fixture, can quickly grab the packing box, will not produce any bump.
  • Special function design fixture, can adapt to several types of products off the line.
    The workpiece can be weightless floating balance, the operator can easily place the workpiece to any position.
  • Integrated ergonomic control handle, easy coordination between left and right hands, easier to realize convenient assembly.
  • Lengthen the operation handle, can easily stack the product packing box to the height.
    Can grab 2 pieces at a time, speed up the production tempo.

Product Advantage

Vacuum sucker type fixture: can quickly adsorb grab the packaging box, without any bump.

Personalized fixture design: can be applied to several types of product line.

Easy integration: Reserved air pipe, electrical and other interfaces, can be easily connected to integrated devices.

Cost saving: The number of positions has changed from 3 to 1, and the cost has been saved by 52%.

Efficiency improvement: The working efficiency of the factory can also be increased by 41%, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

The Versatility of the Product

Applicable to the workpiece in the handling, assembly of the labor saving operation of the power manipulator load shifting system.

It can realize the weight balance floating state of any weight workpiece in any position within a certain range, which is convenient for the precise positioning of the workpiece.

Figure 2:  Palletizing Manipulator

The system can be equipped with load display to indicate the load state; When the workpiece is lifted, the display appears red.

The system can be equipped with misoperation protection device, before the workpiece is effectively supported by the workbench, the unloading key failure.

Figure 3:   Palletizing Manipulator 

The system adopts the ergonomic integrated control handle, the operator can control the workpiece positioning with both hands, the operation is more convenient and fast.

The main engine and movable parts are light in weight, and all kinds of load shifting operation is convenient and fast.

The system adopts column cantilever beam structure to occupy less production space, and the cantilever crane can realize the effective coverage of the service area. And equipped with joint brake, avoid idle equipment drift.

Figure 3:  Palletizing Manipulator  

The system can be equipped with low damping aluminum alloy track system, standardized and modular design for a smoother and easier operating experience.

If the system needs to accommodate multiple production stations, it can be equipped with X-Y skytrain guide system to achieve a larger service range.

Skylight Installation Manipulator