Packing Manipulator
Easy To Achieve Pipelined Operation

Usually in the traditional industrial production, the packaging station of the product will always encounter the following problems: such as large workload, difficult operation, easy industrial injury, low work efficiency, workers are difficult to recruit...

Today we are going to talk about the owner of a private enterprise in Yangzhou, he introduced new equipment, can easily solve the above problems, let's take a look.

The boss is a Wenzhou people, especially like to study new technology, new tools, the per capita value of the enterprise is high, on a one-time on 3 different manipulator.

Today we're going to talk about one of them, the box manipulator.

Figure 1: Packing Manipulator

Product performance

Question 1

During handling, the height difference between taking and putting materials is too large, requiring the operator to stand on tiptoe or bend down.

The equipment is shown as follows ▼

The system provides an external extension wrist integrated with the fixture, which can ensure that the operator does not need to be on tiptoe in the highest operating position when working; No need to bend over in the lowest operating position, so as to ensure the operating comfort.

Question 2

Handling large volume, large load, travel requirements, but do not want to use slow and bulky driving and electric hoist.

The equipment is shown as follows ▼ 

The system provides 5 kinds of load specifications (75kg-600kg), up and down stroke up to 3.5m, the fastest speed of 39m/min to provide equipment, so that production is more efficient.

Question 3

In production operation, the up and down speed and assembly positioning have precise requirements.

The equipment is shown as follows ▼  

System accurate speed control (up to 2mm/s) and millimeter-level position control, with multiple safety protection (power failure protection, overload protection, anti-load sudden change protection, etc.), can be assured of production operation.

Difficulty 4

With the power fixture, meet the requirements of accurate positioning required by assembly.

The equipment isshown as follows ▼ 

When the system is in load shifting assembly positioning, the convenience of two-handed operation is much greater than that of one-handed operation, and the assembly operation is accurate, and equipped with power fixture associated protection, to avoid the load falling off during misoperation.

External coaxial intelligent handle

Packing manipulator provides a variety of optional handle types, in addition to the conventional handle configuration, also provides an external extension handle, wired control handle, wireless control handle, can also be selected according to the needs of the appropriate configuration.

Figure 2: Lntelligent Handler 

Packing manipulator workflow

  • Parts are placed on the packing table in turn, and the machine is packed.
  • After the packaging is completed, the worker manipulates the manipulator close to the workpiece and aligns with the workpiece according to the predetermined program.
  • Start the jaw to grip the workpiece.
  • After confirmation, lift the workpiece.
  • The display is red and the workpiece is effectively clamped.
  • Continue to lift the workpiece, move the workpiece to the workpiece stacking place, stacking.
  • Lower to the set position and release the gripper when the display turns white.
  • Remove the fixture and wait for the next work cycle.

This packing manipulator provides a wealth of data and expansion interface, is an industry 4.0 product, can be connected with external intelligent terminal, convenient data extraction, equipment diagnosis and maintenance tips, etc., for the future of the Internet of everything is prepared in advance.

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