What is Ergo Handling System?

Power-assisted manipulators, also known as power-assisted arms, robotic arms, balance boosters, balance cranes, power-assisted transfer machines, labor-saving spreaders, labor-saving grippers, labor-saving handling equipment, etc., as the name implies, have two major functional parts:

The power-assisted host part, that is, the system host part, provides system power and related logic control, which can be realized by "what you see is what you get": a few kilograms of fingers can lift tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of heavy objects.

The mechanical gripper part, commonly known as fixture, spreader or attachment, can quickly grab the workpiece and realize the corresponding process action synchronously.

Adopt the system solution with technology precipitation, customize the power-assisted manipulator system with functions such as labor-saving handling, assembly and positioning for your process, which is more suitable for your process needs. The integrated safety auxiliary device allows you to only focus on the material itself. Don't let surrounding factors interfere with your concentration.

Introducing the power-assisted manipulator to the job site can effectively optimize the process, create a more efficient working environment, improve enterprise efficiency, improve employee health, and better realize the friendly integration of "people, equipment, and environment".

The Advantages of Manipulators:

  1. It guarantees the health and safety of operators in various industries in the transfer of heavy objects on the work site and the handling site, and improves the working conditions of workers.
  2. Labor saving, production efficiency improvement, product quality assurance and many other aspects have been greatly improved, increasing labor productivity.
  3. It can shorten the cycle of product modification and replacement, reduce the equipment investment, and the power-assisted manipulator has become an indispensable automation equipment in modern manufacturing.
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