One Machine, Many Functions
Automation Thirsts for Innovative Solutions

As mentioned in the previous article, in the process of transition from "single piece and small batch" to "large batch automation" production of industrial products, the form of material supply is updated from the original "sheet form" or "loose material form" to "coil form" one after another.

Raw materials in the form of coils (production staples or auxiliary materials) are usually larger and heavier in individual packages, and the feed opening on the machine is relatively high in relation to the floor space available for operation, and sometimes even the space below the feed opening is occupied by conveyor lines or other equipment, leaving no suitable working space for operators to get on and off. As a result, the trend of production automation has led to coil feeding troubles and new challenges

After continuous R&D and product iteration, MOOPEC has launched an innovative solution - the "Roll Film Loading Intelligent Assist Arm".

Product Features

The "Intelligent Assist Arm", which combines ergonomic material handling technologies, is developed and manufactured based on humanistic considerations for front-line operators and from the perspective of operator safety and long-term occupational health, to promote future automated mass production to say goodbye to work-related injuries and occupational diseases and to realize "happy work" for front-line operators!

Intelligent Assist Arm for film reel loading, which can conveniently achieve the following functions:

01 Grabbing of raw material master rolls/coils

02 Feeding to specified height

03 The master roll is exhausted, remove the mandrel (including the paper tube)

04 Remove the paper tube from the mandrel

05 Waiting for the next master roll/coil

06 Threading the mandrel into the inner tube of the master roll/coil

07 Waiting to move to the next work cycle

Product Composition

Intelligent Assist Arm for film roll loading, consisting of the following components:

Multi-functional Coil Gripper

After years of technical precipitation, MOOPEC brings innovative research and development results: innovative overall solution design and ingenious multi-functional web gripper, which allows one machine to simultaneously complete multiple actions such as feeding raw web material, mandrel removal from the machine, receding the paper tube and threading the mandrel into the new web inner hole, which can flexibly cope with different forms of materials.

Intelligent Mainframe

The power components using the German LIFTKON intelligent counterbalance crane and the vertical hoist, collect the intelligent counterbalance crane "weightless operation" advantageous features, the vertical hoist rigid arm and linear motion advantageous features, so that the lifting action "what you see is what you get" - the operator can easily complete the various heavy lifting operations.

Low Damping Flat Slide System

Flat slide system, using the German EEPOS low damping aluminum slide system, special selection of materials and design of the slide and pulley, so that the system sliding damping is smaller; modular design, easier to assemble and maintenance.

Product Highlights

All-round Grip

Multiple problems, one solution!
Previously, many easy solutions, all of which could only solve a single problem and still had many safety hazards and product quality risks such as damaged webs.
Intelligent Assist Arm, thick and thin, finally iterated into a better solution to solve the multiple material form troubles of machine feeding at one time.

Lift Weigh Like Light

Intelligent balance crane host, as the system power source and data computing and feedback center, so that the system up and down lifting action, more with the operator's mind, the very small operating force can be sensed by the system, and instant feedback to the system operation, to achieve effective expansion of arm movements. And, the position is very accurate to reach, eye to hand, with the heart to reach!

Linear Motion

The vertical elevator is perfectly matched with the flat sliding system, making it easier to feed the material in a linear path, making feeding more effortless, and making the operation of the equipment easier and gentler.

Aluminum Body

The using special aluminum, not only brings lighter product weight, there is less motion damping, the modular design of the system is more conducive to product assembly and future maintenance, the product appearance is full of industrial sense, beautiful atmosphere!

More Advantages

MOOPEC Intelligent Assist Arm is equipped with multiple intelligent elements and intelligent safety protection functions, bringing better product functions and better operation experience.

More product advantages, more high-tech elements and human-machine friendly interface are waiting for you to open.

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