Eliminate Job Discrimination
Job discrimination? ——Intelligent balancer to break the situation

In recent months, more and more intelligent balancers projects coming up, especially in the new energy battery industry, including:

Module PACK

Module PACK, online, assembly, transshipment, offline, packaging, etc.;

Battery Box

Battery box, on-line, transfer, off-line, packaging, etc.;

Power Battery

Power battery, combined battery box and module PACK, power battery loading, etc.

The intelligent balancer represents a new technology in the field of labor-saving handling, with lighter operation force, more intelligent operation, more safety design and better human-computer interaction interface. Compared with the pneumatic balancer, the investment is higher.

Why is the intelligent balancer more and more favored by the manufacturing industry? The CEO of a fast-growing enterprise breaks the secret in one sentence: Eliminate job discrimination!

Eliminate Job Discrimination?

We know that the labor-saving handling equipment of balancer can realize "machine replace human", which can greatly reduce the labor load. The previous 2-person position can be reduced to 1 person position, and the single-person workload can be reduced to less than 10%, which can improve the work efficiency, can reduce product bumps and greatly improve the yield rate...

So what does this have to do with job discrimination?

Position discrimination means that only men can be recruited for the position (it is estimated that they must be physically strong); the elimination of position discrimination means that the recruitment of the position is not limited to men and women, it is no longer a physically demanding job.

The question is, why is this so important to the CEO?

To find out the answer, we asked the CEO to continue talking about this topic.

The company established at the end of 2016. It has developed rapidly in the past few years and plans to go public in 2022. Battery module manufacturers are both technology-intensive and labor-intensive. With sufficient orders, they must have enough team strength to complete the orders. In the past few years, the explosive development of the new energy vehicle industry has brought abundant orders, but the delivery time has been extremely pressing; in order to successfully deliver the orders, qualified employees must be replenished in time. That is to say, if an enterprise wants to adapt to the development trend, the recruitment of employees needs to be fast. However, the workload is heavy, and the mobility of new recruits will also be slightly larger.

The weight of the module ranges from 20 to 60kg; for the pack box, it ranges from 300 to 500kg. In the past, only skilled male operators with relatively strong body were able to perform the actions such as on-line, transfer, and off-line, and some actions required 2 people work together. Our goal is to control the ratio of male to female operators at 1:1. If the ratio of female is increased, boys will be relatively easy to recruit, and the stability will be better after recruitment. At the same time, combined with some stable and meticulous personality characteristics of female practitioners, work efficiency and product quality will be more guaranteed.

According to the CEO, the intelligent balancer solution is also the optimal solution after comprehensive evaluation after examining various solutions. Although it seems that the one-time investment is relatively high, from the data of return on investment, it is not high at all. 10-year amortization of equipment purchase costs, in fact, all costs can be recovered in about 2 years, and the remaining 8 years are earned! In the words of this CEO, the intelligent balancer is a game-breaking solution to "job discrimination".

The Ratio of Male to Female is 1:1?

How bold is this? In general manufacturing enterprises, the proportion of female reaching 20% ​​is not bad. Especially with the full liberalization of the three-child policy, and the relevant subsidy policies in various places, the "maternity leave days" has increased significantly compared to the past. With the introduction of new policies, some companies think that female employees are a burden, but the company takes the initiative to rise to the challenge, turning disadvantageous factors into favorable factors, and turning them into a key to improving recruitment attractiveness and improving employee stability. 

Successful enterprises always have some unique ideas and persistence!

Intelligent balancer, on the basis of the existing functions of traditional pneumatic balancer, adds electric servo control method, combined with unique algorithms, can provide precise balance servo control and more user-friendly operation experience, lighter operating force, extremely small operation force can realize the handling of heavy objects, which is more intuitive "what you see is what you get".

During the module pack transfer process, it must be handled with care, and no bumps may occur, otherwise the product will easily be scrapped or even cause a fire accident. Only the intelligent balancer can effectively replace labor, not only effectively reduce the labor load, but also realize the double guarantee of product quality and safe.

MOOPEC recommend solutions for customers, but feed back to customers - there are more demands for introducing equipment! The interaction has inspired our practitioners who promote labor-saving spreaders/manipulators, and made us more determined on this road ahead!

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