How Does Miraculous Vacuum Come?

In our ergonomic handling system, we use a lot of vacuum technology, such as: packing and packing of laminate parts, on-line processing of battery box products, etc

In the past, many friends often ask: vacuum, it's amazing, how exactly is it produced? So, I have compiled some materials, hoping to solve the confusion.

Speaking of "vacuum", this technology and its applications are actually very close to all of us, and can be seen at any time in our lives.

Home Hooks

Bathroom, kitchen walls, a variety of hooks, is not very common?

A gentle dial, the vacuum generated, the hook will magically adhere to the wall, you can hang things, and can withstand a certain weight; after the destruction of the vacuum, you can take down, and then change the place can continue to use.

Carbonated Drinks

When we go to fast food restaurants and order carbonated drinks, when we drink with straws, the application of vacuum technology has happened again

When the oral cavity empties the air in the straw above the liquid surface of the drink, a relative vacuum is formed in this section of the straw. At this time, the external atmospheric pressure is higher than the air pressure inside the straw, and the beverage is squeezed to the place where the air pressure is relatively low and reaches the mouth. When the atmospheric pressure enters the mouth, and the two air pressures are relatively balanced, so the mouth can't absorb the drink.

Combining these two little life facts, I believe you already have a certain feeling about vacuum technology. And what is its basic principle?

01 Vacuum Principle

Compressed air enters the vacuum generator

Using the nozzle to spray compressed air at high speed, the compressed air enters the vacuum generator.

02 Vacuum Principle

Air flow through the nozzle drives negative pressure

The compressed air forms a jet flow at the outlet of the nozzle to produce entrainment flows; the negative pressure is driven through the nozzle and the air in the straw is removed together.

03 Vacuum Principle

Internal air is evacuated, creating a vacuum

When the negative pressure line is sealed, the internal air is evacuated and a vacuum is formed.

Is the principle of vacuum formation very simple? So, what are its applications?

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