Housewife VS Man×2
Ergo Handling —— Less Effort, Less Injury, More Outcome!

After the previous tweet was released, many friends came to ask: We also need to eliminate "job discrimination". What kind of benefits can your products bring?

Eliminate job discrimination?

Well, there are pictures and truths, maybe more enlightening! Watch the video!


Of course, maybe you don't have time to watch the video, now the main points of the video are excerpted as follows

PK1: Housewife

PK2: 2 Physical Education College Students

PK conditions: the same materials, move back and forth 3 times

PK starts: both sides start their own actions

Round 1: College students, leading in speed

Round 2: College students, slowed down, fatigued, and disorganized

Round 3: Housewife, began to overtake, lead was obvious

Continue to lead!

Carrying with bare hands will start quickly, but the constant consumption makes it difficult to sustain such "fastness".

The labor-saving handling of equipment can realize "machine replace human", which can greatly reduce the labor load. The former 2-person position can be reduced to 1 person, and the single-person workload can be greatly reduced, which can improve the work efficiency, and avoid product bumps. Greatly improve the yield rate...

The influence of "heavy physical strength" has been removed, and work is no longer a heavy burden, but transformed into the pleasure of easily reaching goals, and compared to traditional methods, work efficiency can continue to lead!

Highlights for Balancers
Weightless Floating, Handle Integration, Misoperation Protection