Blade Changing Maniplulator

In the process of factory production, due to changes in product processing needs, equipment needs to change tools, tool changing operation, although the introduction of electric hoist cantilever, to reduce the handling load, but the electric hoist and cantilever there are many operational inconvenience, and implied some may lead to the operation of staff personal safety risks.

At least 2 people are required to work together (sometimes 3 people may be required) during the process of changing tool on the equipment; during the operation, the operator's fingers are too close to the blades and there is a high risk of finger cuts.

Difficulties in positioning the saw blade set during installation on the machine can cause the operator to make multiple attempts at alignment, which will lead to an increased risk of injury. Two-handed separate operation appears particularly awkward; two or three people working together, it is difficult to avoid gaps between mutual cooperation, and safety risks are inevitable.

The arrangement of the site's dust extraction duct is too dense, and it is easy to make accidental collisions between the cantilever, saw blade set and equipment during operation; when changing blades, it is also necessary to transfer to the ground from the equipment table which is 1500mm high from the ground, and the articulation process is very dangerous.

Blade Changing Manipulator

Weightless Floating:

The solution with the pneumatic balance crane can realize the heavy weightless floating state, so that the operator in the operation of the saw blade group pick up or put the material when the positioning operation, completely can achieve "what you see is what you get", accurate positioning, easy and comfortable.

Integrated gripper and workpiece:

The custom design of the gripper, which is integrated with the workpiece (saw blade set), makes the operation more stable and reliable when the workpiece is moved and positioned; the special design of the gripper operating handle position keeps the operator's hands away from the blade, avoiding the threat of the blade to the operator's personal safety when moving and operating the saw blade set.

Integrated two-hand control:

Both hand control can be integrated, allowing the operator's two hands to simultaneously control the workpiece for moving and positioning operations. This is not simply a doubling of the relationship with two separate hands, but a perfect solution to the operational problems of the past and avoids most of the safety risks.

Controlled center of gravity position:

Good ergonomic considerations, so that the center of gravity of the workpiece and the center of gravity of the gripper become one, so that the machine blade tool change operation returns to the simplicity it should have.

One for two:

The two grooving machines at the production site are not far apart, and the specially designed flat slide system enables the service area of one blade changing manipulator to directly cover the two grooving machines.

Low damping slide system:

The system adopts German EEPOS aluminum alloy slide rail system, which makes the system damping of starting, sliding and stopping movements in the process of heavy load shifting smaller, with less operating force and easier and smoother positioning of load shifting. Modular design and standardized components make on-site installation and maintenance easier and faster.

The most important thing is that what needed to be done by 2~3 people, can now be done by 1 person!

After the manipulator was put into use, not only did it reduce the number of workers at the station (originally 2 people worked together, now 1 person works independently), but also made the labor load significantly reduced and the risk of work-related injuries effectively avoided. Whether it's taking out the saw blade set from the assembly cart, sending it from the ground to the 1500mm high table, or loading the saw blade set into the equipment (or taking out the saw blade set from the heart of the equipment), with MOOPEC blade changing manipulator, all process actions can be easily and smoothly completed by the same person!

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