Agile Customized Installation

Our intelligent balance crane system and labor-saving spreader can effectively reduce the labor load. The goods have arrived and need to be assembled and debugged by professionals before they can be put into production use. If professionals are not available, the products cannot be put into use. What to do?

No matter how difficult the epidemic is, customer production cannot be broken!

In order to cope with such a possible situation, the company arranged as early as late February to have a traveler who had left Shanghai on standby (not to return to Shanghai for the time being). In view of the development of the epidemic, after several rounds of discussion on the plan, the company decided to let the colleague arrive at the customer's place directly to undertake the matter, and then through the integration of resources of local partners, supplemented by remote assistance, the equipment installation task could be completed.

Fortunately, the production order at the customer's site was not affected by the epidemic and is still normal, and the installation team will be ready to roll out the work once the configuration is completed.

To ensure the installation process is safe and uncompromising, the two teams fully exchanged technical details, held several online meetings, and conducted on-site assembly process review and quality checkpoint review with the help of intelligent terminals.

In view of the shortage of new energy battery production, the customer purchased several sets of intelligent balancing crane systems in this batch for module and PACK off-line labor-saving handling, hoping to improve production efficiency and reduce labor load.

The materials to be handled are 15kg light and 80kg heavy. In the past, a position that required two strong male operators. After the power assist equipment is put into use, one female worker is enough, and there is no risk of back strain or work injury.

After overcoming many difficulties, the product was finally assembled on site and delivered after commissioning.

Product Composition

01 Intelligent Balancer 

The system lifting host adopts German LIFTKON intelligent balance crane, with cutting-edge technology and leading process, to bring the operator a better operating experience.

02 Non-powered Clamps

The system is equipped with cleverly designed non-powered clamps to achieve effective gripping of shaped workpieces in a simple way, with simple and reliable actions such as gripping and releasing, not only with light self-weight and simple actions, but also with full consideration of possible changes in the center of gravity of the workpiece when picking up and releasing, as well as changes in the gripping point and the center of gravity of the workpiece when gripping workpieces of different sizes.

03 Mobile Gantry

The system adopts a novel, movable, gantry-type foundation structure with simple structure and light weight, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the production process to use the work station.

Details Determine the Extraordinary

The system has such a good operating experience, we have to mention the core of the system - intelligent balancer. This core component has a number of highlights, the details determine the extraordinary.

Random Speed Control

The intelligent balancer can move according to the operator's mind. The speed of the equipment can be controlled according to the strength and speed of the operator's action.

Handle Mode / Floating Mode

Operators can use either the handle mode or the floating mode to operate the equipment. The intelligent balancer can be freely switched between the two modes without the need for buttons.

Associated Lift Protection

The intelligent balancer can only lift and lower the equipment after detecting that the fixture is effectively clamped or adsorbed. It is providing safe protection for the operator.

Associated False Action Protection

The fixture grips the workpiece suspended in the air and can never be released. The intelligent balancer only detects that the workpiece is effectively supported and then the release button is effective.

Assembly Position Setting

The assembly position (assembly position interval and running speed) can be set in the software menu to avoid bumping or damage to the product because of excessive speed during assembly.

Interconnect External Systems

The system can collect all kinds of data during the production process (weight, work frequency, etc.) and form interconnection with external systems to eliminate information silos.

The epidemic has come, and there are many uncertainties about the next step in its development. 

Based on the corporate philosophy of creating value for customers, we will do it - no matter how difficult the epidemic is, customer production cannot be interrupted! .

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