MOOPEC Report from Hannover EuroBLECH2022

In EuroBLECH2002 exhibition, MOOPEC brought some products from two business divisions:

BU1:Manipulator and Ergo Handling Solution

In industrial production and logistics, people are getting more and more attention. It has become a consensus to strengthen labor protection and reduce its load. With the help of manipulator, cargoes more than 100kg can be easily lifted with only 1~2kg operating force.

By introducing the manipulator, In future production, there is no need to worry about work-related injuries or lumbar muscle strain caused by workload, and poor product quality caused by scratches during the handling of product parts. The production schedule can also be greatly improved to meet the needs of mass production.

The Manipulator DEMO this time shows the working scene of film cutting on self-adhesive roll. The system configuration includes aluminum rail system, air balancer and roll fixture.

Figure 1: Customers are excited trying Manipulator

When the paper roll manipulator is working,

a.  With the air expansion shaft, the paper roll work piece can be quickly grasped,

and the small size clamp makes the operation more convenient and reliable.

b.  It can achieve the 90 degree turnover of the paper roll work piece, so as to meet the different needs of reclaiming on the pallet and feeding attitude on the machine.

Figure 2: We are demonstrating the capabilities of the Manipulator

c.  The system can realize the floating state of the work piece in any position within a certain range, which is convenient for positioning the work piece.

d.  The system has a center of gravity adjustment device, which is used to keep the fixture horizontal and easy to operate when the center of gravity changes due to two different postures.

e.  The system is equipped with a load display, which is red when the system lifts the work piece.

Figure 3: Brainstorming with customers

f.   The system also has mis-operating protection device. When the worktable cannot support the weight of the work piece, the unloading button is invalid.

g.  Equipped with ergonomic control handle, the worker can operate with both hands at the same time, which is simple and reliable.

Of course, many ergonomic functions of manipulator will be more and more important in industrial production and modern logistics!

BU2:Tryout Material

In industrial mass production, more and more product parts are processed by stamping. However, before the stamping die is put into mass processing, it is necessary to use small batch of tryout materials to verify whether it is qualified. Because of the small purchase demand for each batch and variety of mold trial materials, it has always been an unavoidable pain point for customers. However, due to the small quantity demand of each batch and single variety, it is always been an unavoidable pain points.

MOOPEC, with years of deep industry cultivation, specializes in the sub field of tryout materials to provide customers with value-added solutions.

Hanover is famous as an exhibition city. Although the impact of the epidemic has not dissipated, it was restarted after a two-year suspension, gathering a large number of visitors.

MOOPEC booth, as its products meet the potential needs of most professional visitors, has attracted many visitors and even nearby exhibitors.

Figure 4: MOOPEC Booth

In the four-day exhibition, customers to MOOPEC booth come in an endless stream. They come to negotiate and try the products. Due to the limited reception capacity, it is also needed to wait in line.

Some customers immediately ask for our information and bring us into their supplier system; Some customers sent invitations on site and hoped that we could arrange an interview at their factory immediately; Some customers ask us to add What's UP friend or email to communicate details.

Figure 5:  We have a warm discussion with customers at our booth

We have participated in BLECH for many times. Because of the pandemic, the total number of visitors to this exhibition may be slightly lower than before, but the enthusiasm for improving production conditions and supply chain is great than ever .

Thank you for your recognition and trust, and we will return higher value to customers!

MOOPEC Appears at FABTECH Mexico 2023