In fact, every new car is engraved with an "ID card" - VIN code.

A VIN is a unique identifier for a vehicle worldwide and is accompanied by registration, insurance, annual inspection, repair and maintenance.

Vin Location

The VIN is generally located in the lower left corner of the front windshield, on the vehicle nameplate, in the engine compartment, in the trunk, etc.

Figure 1: VIN number

Of course, there are also some in the main driver door hinge post, door lock post, door and other places, if not found, it may also be fixed in the door near the driver's seat.

If you really can't find it, you can also find the VIN on the insurance policy, motor vehicle registration, etc.

Case Sharing

The customer is from one of the last car manufacturers. The customer needs a VIN code on the frame. This equipment needs manual operation, the difficulty is that the marking machine is very heavy (up to 25kg), and the worker directly holds the work, which is unthinkable. Moreover, the profile error, welding error and position tolerance of the positioning hole on the exterior decorative plate of the body itself must ensure that the distance between the marking machine and the marking surface is stable.

According to customer demand, we provide a set of VIN code power manipulator.

Figure 2:The Marking Machine (VIN) Assists the Manipulator

The Marking Machine 

(VIN) Assists the Manipulator

  • The car body is moving at uniform speed on the final assembly line.
  • The VIN manipulator waits for the arrival of the car body in the "parking space".
  • When the car body travels to the starting line, the operator releases the brake device and moves the VIN marking machine to the frame marking place.
  • The operator activates the VIN manipulator and line body following function, locates the VIN number and locks it.
  • Start the numbering procedure.
  • After 15~20S, the numbering procedure is completed, and the system prompts that the work is completed.
  • The operator releases the locking device and moves the manipulator away from the body to the return path.
  • Release the line body accompanying function to retract the manipulator to the "parking space".
  • Lock the manipulator brake and wait for the next operating cycle.

The power manipulator used in this application has the characteristics of full balance, smooth movement and structural rigidity, so that the worker is unaware of its weight when operating the "iron bump" of the marking machine, pushing, pulling, lifting and other actions are effortless, it seems to be taking a pen to write on the iron plate of the frame, so that the process operation is very smooth.

Door Removal Manipulator