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Typically, power-assisted robotic arms can handle objects weighing between 15-500kg

In China, labor laws recommend the use of power-assisted equipment for objects heavier than 15kg, as opposed to relying solely on human labor.

However, this is a suggestion rather than a mandatory regulation, and the actual implementation varies depending on the employer's human resource philosophy and the company's profitability. Currently, foreign companies and privately-owned enterprises with more advanced ideas tend to implement these regulations better. Some companies even use power-assisted equipment for objects weighing less than 15kg, demonstrating their excellent human care.

Power-assisted robotic arms are part of a lightweight, small and flexible material handling system. Objects that weigh more than 500kg fall under the category of lifting and transporting.

Today, we will talk about a power-assisted robotic arm used for handling air conditioning compressors. It is mainly suitable for welding seam detection, shell assembly, and offline assembly of compressor assemblies, which weigh between 10-12kg.


The system is equipped with soft rope-type and hard-arm-type power-assisted robotic arms, which are configured according to the actual workstation. Suitable power-assisted robotic arms can make the operation simpler and more efficient.

Challenge 1:

Although the compressor's volume and weight are not significant, workers need to handle them frequently every day, which can easily cause lumbar muscle strain and other problems.

Equipment performance ▼

The system's clamps adopt a three-point clamping system that is small and lightweight, making it very convenient for workers to operate and ensuring their comfort during operation.

Figure 1:Three point clamp

Challenge 2:

Many workstations require lateral transportation, which can cause significant strain on the shoulders and back.

Equipment performance ▼

Workers can operate the equipment with one hand, and the machine's overall movement is lighter, making it easier to lift and place objects without any burden, thus reducing labor costs.

Figure 2:The worker completes the operation with one hand

Challenge 3:

Is the system safe during production?

Equipment performance ▼

The system has multiple protections (such as air cut-off protection, overload protection, and anti-load mutation protection), ensuring a safe and secure production operation.

Figure 3:The system has multiple protection devices

Some people say, "Employees are the company's greatest wealth!" In the end, the competition among companies in the market is a competition in employee training. So why not use "power-assisted robotic arms" to reduce the burden on employees, making their job more straightforward and less stressful? Perhaps this is a shortcut to providing employee loyalty and productivity.

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