Palletizing Manipulator

In the face of the global demand for air conditioners in 2050 to climb from the existing 1.6 billion units to 5.6 billion units, up to more than three times the size of the growth, is undoubtedly the collective excitement of the Chinese air conditioning industry news. But the premise is that many Chinese air conditioning companies in the market, while meeting this significant benefit, how to resolve the challenges of growth?

Air conditioning main engine

With the increase of people's demand for air conditioning, the production of air conditioning will also increase, enterprises in the production will encounter many challenges, such as in the air conditioning equipment manufacturing after the completion of packing, offline, palletizing and other operations, workers handling boxes by bare hands, often encounter the following problems:

  1. After the finished product is packed, the weight is heavy, 30~60kg, or even heavier, and it is difficult to handle.
  2. The packing box is large and inconvenient to handle by bare hand.
  3. When the product is off the line, the stacking height is high and the operation is difficult.
  4. The outer skin of the packing box is relatively smooth, easy to slip when handling by hand; Handling may occur to the ground or bump, resulting in product damage, scrap, product qualified rate will be significantly reduced.
  5. During the peak production season, the production tempo (30s/ unit) very quickly, production and temporary storage is very large, the product line is prone to blockage.
  6. During the peak production season, temporary recruitment staff to solve the product offline problem, but encountered a new problem of "recruitment difficulties" for heavy manual jobs.
  7. Production bottlenecks that need to be addressed.

So when the box goods are stacked offline, how can the manipulator be efficient while ensuring the safety of the goods? The following to introduce a - box cargo handling manipulator -

Box cargo handling manipulator 

Box cargo handling manipulator

Air conditioning offline manipulator using vacuum adsorption fixture, can quickly adsorption grab the packing box, the box goods transported to the designated position, the air conditioner from the production line after finishing the finished product packaging, the air conditioner placed in the tray, according to the long-distance transportation requirements for stacking, laminating, to achieve labor-saving and efficient operation. At the same time, it will not cause any bump to the goods in the box.

Special function design fixture, can adapt to several types of products off the line. Integrated ergonomic control handle, easy coordination between left and right hands, weightless floating balance, operators can easily work.

Product highlights

Vacuum suction type fixture

It can quickly grab the packaging box without any bump.

Personalized fixture design

It can be applied to several types of products.

Easy integration

The number of people in the position went from three to one, and the cost was reduced by 47%.

Efficiency improvement

The working efficiency of the factory can also be increased by 52%, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

Manipulator is suitable for the workpiece in handling, assembly, labor-saving operation of the power manipulator transfer system. It can realize the weight balance floating state of any weight workpiece in any position within a certain range, which facilitates the precise positioning of the workpiece.

Box cargo handling manipulator

The system can be equipped with load display to indicate the load state. When the workpiece is lifted, the display appears red.

The system can be equipped with a misoperation protection device that disables the unloading button until the workpiece is effectively supported by the worktable. The system adopts ergonomic integrated control handle, the operator can control the workpiece positioning with both hands at the same time, which makes the operation more convenient and fast. The main machine and movable parts are light in weight, which makes all kinds of transfer operations easy and fast.

The system adopts column cantilever beam structure to occupy less production space, and the cantilever crane can realize the effective coverage of the service area. And equipped with joint brake to avoid idle equipment drift. The system can be equipped with low damping aluminum alloy track system, standardized and modular design for a smoother and easier operating experience.

Systems that need to accommodate multiple production stations can be equipped with X-Y style overhead crane rail systems for greater service coverage.

Motor Assembly Manipulator