Motor Assembly Manipulator

How is the motor made?

Motor is a kind of equipment that can convert "electrical energy" into "mechanical energy".


It uses the rotating magnetic field generated by the energized coil (i.e., the stator windings) and acts on the rotor (such as a squirrel-cage closed aluminum frame) to form a magneto-electric dynamic rotating torque.

Product analysis diagram

The motor is mainly composed of rotor and stator. In simple terms, they are winding coils, one fixed to the rotating shaft, one fixed to the shell, rotating motion as needed (cutting magnetic lines of force).

The key process in the motor manufacturing process is the assembly of "rotor assembly" and "stator assembly".

When the motor is assembled, the "rotor assembly" is inserted horizontally into the inner hole of the "stator assembly", and the rotor shaft is inserted into the inner hole of the end cap for fixing. In the process of inserting the rotor into the stator, the gap in the stator is relatively small (only a few millimeters), while the rotor itself is relatively long and heavy, all smoothly inserted without bumps and bruises, which is very demanding for the operation process!

In the traditional hoisting mode of motor assembly, electric hoist lifting will be used, but it will have two disadvantages


electric hoist hoisting

Electric hoist hoisting

  • The electric pulse drives the motor to drive the chain up and down, so when lifting heavy objects, the upper and lower height can not be accurately controlled, the rotor is difficult to stop at the appropriate height, it is difficult to enter the correct assembly position.
  • Start and stop impact, resulting in bumps and bruises is difficult to avoid, rotor coil and stator coil scratch or bump, will lead to product scrap or poor quality, product qualification rate decline, that is to say, even if many people cooperate, it is difficult to ensure product qualification rate, not to mention horizontal insertion long stroke does not increase the new scratch.

So with all that said, how do we solve this?

Motor assembly manipulator

Motor assembly manipulator

Motor assembly manipulator utilizes a powerless gripping method to make more effective use of the workpiece shape and does not produce more bumps and bruises on the workpiece products. The special functional design of the fixture enables easy and simple gripping of workpieces.

The special structure design makes the change of center of gravity less disturbing and the insertion action during assembly easier to achieve. Gravity-free floating balance of the workpiece can be achieved, and the operator can easily place the workpiece in any position. Moreover, the robot can be used for a wide range of workpiece types.

With the integrated ergonomic control handle, one person can easily work with both left and right hands, making it easier to achieve convenient assembly.

Product advantage

The equipment can complete many jobs that cannot be done with bare hands under the easy operation of the operator, and its production and usage costs are much lower than the labor costs. The work that used to require 3 people to complete now only requires 1 person. The once bottleneck work stations, now the problems are also solved. After the introduction of the new equipment, the factory work efficiency can also be increased by 75%, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Costs have also been saved by 61%. It is also more widely used, with greater flexibility and mobility.

Product general function

The assisted manipulator is suitable for workpiece handling, assembly labor-saving operation and other production process needs. It can realize the weight balance floating state of any weight workpiece in any position within a certain range, which facilitates the accurate positioning of the workpiece.

Motor assembly manipulator

The system can be equipped with a load display to indicate the load status; the display turns red when the workpiece is lifted. The system can also be equipped with a misoperation protection device that disables the unload button until the workpiece is effectively supported by the table. The system also features an ergonomically integrated control handle that allows the operator to control the workpiece positioning with both hands simultaneously, making the operation more convenient and fast. The structure of the column cantilever beam takes up less production space, and the cantilever crane can achieve effective coverage of the service area; it is also equipped with joint brakes to avoid equipment drifting when idle. The system of low damping aluminum alloy track, standardized and modularized design, brings a smoother and easier operation experience.

In the emerging industrial era, the power manipulator can meet the requirements of "fast/mass production beat", "save labor cost", "improve production efficiency" and so on, becoming the ideal choice for more and more factories. Power manipulator has high efficiency and high stability, simple structure is easier to maintain, can meet the production of different kinds of products, for users, not only can reduce the labor intensity of industrial workers, more can improve the production beat, improve the product qualified rate, reduce industrial injury, break through the bottleneck of production, but also by reducing the number of production station operation, make the ROI calculation benefit more obvious.

Manipulator for Motor Rotor Assembly