Manipulator for Motor Rotor Assembly

In our industrial production, it is very difficult to insert the rotor coil assembly into the rotor shaft of the motor, and often encounter the following problems:

  • Medium and large motor rotor coil, which are very heavy (15~80kg) and extremely inconvenient to handle.
  • For interference assembly, the bore of the motor rotor coil should be heated at high temperature so that the bore is enlarged to facilitate the assembly. When assembling, the workpiece is hot and must be operated with the help of tools.
  • The posture should be flipped 90 degrees, the incoming material is horizontal, and the assembly should be inserted vertically.
  • Interference assembly, i.e. the assembly of the coil assembly with the rotating shaft with preload, which is difficult to achieve with bare hands.

What shall we do at this moment?

Motor rotor coil assembly assembly manipulator can help you!

Motor rotor coil assembly with manipulator

Working in the zero-gravity suspension state, it can complete the three-dimensional loading movement such as grabbing, handling, turning, docking, and fine-tuning Angle. It is an ideal auxiliary tool for material loading and unloading and workpiece assembly.

Motor rotor coil assembly with manipulator

Product advantage

Under the easy operation of the operator, the equipment can complete a lot of work that can not be completed by bare hands. Its production and use cost is much lower than the labor cost. The work that used to require 3 people to complete, now only requires 1 person. The once bottleneck work stations are now solved, the factory efficiency can also be increased by 75% after the introduction of the new equipment, greatly improving the work efficiency. The cost was also reduced by 61%.It is also more widely used, with greater flexibility and mobility.

Motor rotor coil assembly with manipulator

Operating principle

In ergonomic design, the lifting control and the gripping action control of the paneumatic fixture can be realized to form an organic whole, and the operator can hold the workpiece with both hands of positioning, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.

 The system is equipped with integrated control handle, misoperation protection, load detection self-locking and other safety mechanisms. According to the actual use of the customer site, the help manipulator with various types of fixture use; Installation methods also have column fixed, counterweight chassis mobile, suspension fixed, with light rail system mobile and so on.

Motor rotor coil assembly with manipulator

Manipulator can help to reduce the labor intensity of the operation to provide safe material handling, but also to meet the special environment, such as food grade environment, explosion-proof environment, etc.

Battery Pack Manipulator PBF-HF125B