Automotive Dashboard Manipulator

The dashboard is the most important part of the car interior and the most eye-catching part of the car. During the driving process, it provides various information and data for the driver conveniently and safely. The shape design of the dashboard also reflects the personality of the car, which can be used as one of the standards to measure the craft level and artistic style of different manufacturers.

The Definition of the Dashboard

The instrument panel is an assembly that installs various indicators and ignition switches in the cab. It is one of the most critical parts in the interior of the car. It is located between the front seat and the front windscreen glass, and is usually a thin-walled, large-span curved part. It is mounted on the instrument panel or as an attachment to the steering column. The instrument panel assembly is like a centralized observation port that reflects the running state of the machine inside the car at any time. At the same time, it is the control center of some equipment and the object of decoration, which is the most eye-catching part in the cab. The instrument panel assembly, which has both technical functions and artistic functions, is one of the representatives of the vehicle style.

The Role of the Dashboard

Set comfort, function, safety, beauty in one, has become a carrier to highlight various cultures;
The instrument panel acts as the vehicle control center, and the upper part of it has various instruments and control switches, which is the centralized part of the vehicle control display and the carrier of various functions integration.

Lnstallation of the Instrument Panel

  • The Instrument Panel (sometimes referred to as IP) itself has a metal reinforcement beam that runs through the end to support the entire IP structure, and two M6 bolts are installed in the front end of the body in two mounting holes (one of which is a positioning hole). At the same time, the left and right ends of the body have flake rice gold fixed at both ends of the instrument panel, and several mounting points are added in the middle.
  • Size and weight: Length 1400mm-1600mm, weight 60~80kg. When entering the car, enter from the front door, but need to turn the Angle to avoid interference between the instrument panel workpiece and the car body.
  • Installation disadvantages: the instrument panel workpiece is relatively large and long, if the weight of the workpiece needs to be handled manually, the alignment work during assembly will be extremely difficult; In addition, the whole is relatively soft, if the manual direct installation, bumps and bruises are inevitable, even if more than a few people lift together, may cause quality problems are unacceptable.

Therefore, the instrument panel assembly of the station must be realized with the help of labor-saving equipment.

The instrument panel power manipulator can be used in the production and manufacturing process of the instrument panel assembly, and can also be used in the production and manufacturing process of the final assembly of the automobile.

The picture is: Dashboard handling - Auto parts factory

The illustration is: Instrument Panel Assembly - Automotive Oems

The special load shifting fixture of the instrument panel assisting the manipulator is the accumulation of deep industry application experience and the collection of various high-end technology applications. Although the instrument assembly has a main beam, it is actually mainly the assembly of plastic cladding parts and electronic parts, and the overall rigidity is very poor; In addition, the instrument panel assembly designed by different manufacturers is very different, which points to choose as support points, is a huge test of industry experience!

The illustration is: Instrument panel fixture style B - lift the workpiece below

With the introduction of the help manipulator, there is more convenient space for the operator to imagine - automatic adjustment of the entry Angle, automatic adjustment of the installation Angle, initial positioning when taking materials, quick alignment during assembly...

With these humanized design and ingenuity, while steadily improving the production rhythm, assembly workers on the auto assembly line will be more relaxed; At the same time, the product quality has been higher protection.

In order to better improve the production tempo, ensure product quality, and further reduce the requirements for operator experience and workload, with the development of China's automotive industry, we are increasingly integrating high-end automation technology. In the past production practice, there have been the following innovations:

  • The extraction path is automatically realized by servo
  • The entry track is automatically realized by servo
  • Some factories even introduce six-dimensional force sensor technology

The dashboard is the vehicle control center and information interaction center, but also the concentrated presentation of the essence of automotive technology; The instrument panel manipulator is the pearl of the robot products, and the station manipulator is also the most widely used robot products with various new technologies and new technologies.