Steel Plate Loading Assistance Manipulator
Optimize handling and lead the smart future

Today we will focus on a cutting-edge technology that is leading innovation in the field of handling - the LionGrip Intelligent Power manipulator. This article will in-depth analysis of the actual case of a company in Shanghai, the company in order to solve the problem of punch material difficulties, plans to introduce LionGrip intelligent power manipulator system, for you to reveal its technical highlights and advantages.

Challenges and Needs

Our case began with a company in Shanghai, which was about to deliver a punching machine to a customer, but the loading process encountered huge difficulties. The large size of steel plate feeding, manual manual operation is undoubtedly a difficult and dangerous task, it is difficult to avoid the risk of industrial injury. Therefore, in order to complete the loading operation efficiently and safely, the company decided to introduce a set of steel plate loading power manipulator system.

Technical Requirement
  • Steel plate thickness: less than 1mm
  • Plate size:
  • min. 1000x2000mm,max.2200x4100mm
  • Weight: 50kg(max.)
  • Handling attitude: Horizontal → horizontal

LionGrip Technology Solution

LionGrip intelligent power manipulator as the core of the solution, contains a number of excellent technologies.

First of all, taking the host model LG80-1000 as an example, LionGrip has a working radius of R=4500mm and a lifting stroke of H=1000mm, which can flexibly adapt to different sizes of work scenarios. Its balance mode uses a force sensing servo handle to achieve precise control and reduce manual intervention. The installation form is ground fixed to ensure stability.

In addition, the LionGrip supports 110V or 230V AC power supply and a compressed air source of 6bar, demonstrating excellent adaptability.

Technical Highlights and Advantages

The Swedish origin of the LionGrip intelligent power manipulator, as well as the innovation of its core technology, make it stand out in the field of handling.

Its key highlights include

  • Vacuum adsorption fixture: LionGrip adopts advanced vacuum adsorption technology to ensure firm and stable clamping of the steel plate to avoid unnecessary movement or slide.
  • Adjustable suction cup position: The position of the suction cup on the mechanical hand can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the steel plate to achieve accurate and efficient handling.
  • Ergonomic handle: Through the force sensing servo handle, the operator can achieve highly sensitive control and feel every slight change in the handling process, thus ensuring the accuracy and safety of the operation.

Innovation Leads to Meet Future Challenges

The revolution of LionGrip intelligent power manipulator is that it not only provides a solution for the current problem, but also provides a direction for future development. Its innovative technology will continue to expand the application field, from industrial production to daily life, all reveal the progress of science and technology and human progress.

In the current case, LionGrip has demonstrated outstanding performance and future-oriented innovation. From steel plate handling to intelligent control, LionGrip has demonstrated its leading position in the field of handling with its strong technical strength. It is a symbol of efficient, safe and intelligent handling and a leader in future handling innovation.

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