Pilot Intelligent Feeding New Era

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, machine tool equipment is more and more widely used in the industrial field. However, for many companies, how to achieve efficient and accurate machine feeding has become a challenge. In response to this problem, LionGrip brings advanced technology and innovative ideas to present you with a feast of intelligent feeding.

Case sharing

In the booming development of the manufacturing industry, an auto parts manufacturing company is facing a material problem. Because of the various shapes and sizes of the workpiece, the traditional feeding method often leads to low production efficiency, and even problems such as space interference and error accumulation, so an innovative feeding scheme is urgently needed.

"Avoid space interference"
-- Independent space management to improve efficiency

LionGrip introduces advanced spatial sensing technology, which can monitor the working area of the machine in real time, avoiding the problem of spatial interference in the process of workpiece feeding. Whether it is a complex workpiece shape or a small processing space, LionGrip can easily cope with it to ensure the continuity and stability of production.

Lateral loading
-- Flexible Angle adjustment, more leisurely feeding

The traditional feeding method can usually only be carried out from the front, and the efficiency is low for some special shapes of the workpiece. LionGrip introduces lateral feeding technology, which can flexibly adjust the feeding Angle according to the needs of the workpiece shape and machine layout, thereby maximizing the feeding efficiency.

"Feed into machine"
-- Accurate positioning to ensure processing quality

At the same time of feeding, LionGrip accurately sends the workpiece into the machining area of the machine tool, effectively avoiding the vibration and error of the workpiece during transportation. This not only guarantees the processing quality, but also greatly improves the production efficiency.

 "Extra long arm span makes the feeding process easier and faster"
-- Flexible coverage and full service

The LionGrip is equipped with an extra long arm span for flexible coverage of a wider work area. Whether it is a large size workpiece or a deep machining machine, LionGrip can complete the loading task effortlessly, providing efficient support for production.

"The suspension mode makes the workpiece more controllable in entering the narrow area" - precise control, free to advance and retreat

For situations where the workpiece needs to be operated in a narrow area, LionGrip's suspension mode is a lifesaver. Through precise suspension control, the workpiece can advance and withdraw freely in a small space, avoiding the blockage and error, and greatly improving the controllability of the operation.

"Greatly improve the stroke to meet the feeding needs of multiple types of machine tools" - a multi-purpose machine to adapt to diversification

LionGrip is optimized in stroke design to meet the feeding needs of multiple types of machine tools. Whether it is a small turning machine or a large milling machine, LionGrip is able to adapt to different working environments, bringing greater flexibility to the company's production line.

"The ground rail system can be selected to optimize the use of plant space, and one device can solve the loading of more stations" - intelligent layout to maximize the utilization

LionGrip also offers an optional ground rail system that enables intelligent planning according to the layout of the plant. Through the optimized equipment layout, enterprises can cover more stations with a LionGrip to achieve the maximum benefit of the production line.

In this era of intelligent manufacturing, LionGrip has become a leader in the field of machine tool feeding with its excellent performance and advanced technology. By avoiding space interference, lateral loading, feeding machine tool processing, ultra-long arm span, suspension mode, travel lift and intelligent loading of the ground rail system, LionGrip creates an efficient, accurate and flexible loading experience for enterprises, helping the manufacturing industry to a better future!

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