LionGrip Entrepreneurial Dream

About LionGrip

In June 2001, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, an entrepreneur named Ricky Holmstrom created the great start of Liongrip. This is a story of entrepreneurship, but also a legend about the pursuit of excellence. Initially, he founded the company Holfparter, and soon after, he contacted his childhood friend Jerker Fjellman and Hofpartner AB was born. Hofpartner is the abbreviation of Holmstrom and Fjellman Partner AB, which has become a stage for entrepreneurs to build dreams together.

Take-off course

In July 2006

Liongrip has acquired AMAL-SHAFT®, a strong brand with a 50-year history. Five core members of the former manufacturer joined Liongrip, bringing with them a wealth of experience and technical treasure.


Ricky Holmstrom created the Liongrip® brand to meet the market demand for smart lifting equipment. In the booming lifting equipment market, Liongrip has been exported to more than 20 countries in a short period of time, including the remarkable Chinese market.


Liongrip has achieved spectacular development on a larger scale. The company successfully acquired the plant that had belonged to it from the beginning and expanded production further the following year.

Multi-Directional Supplier

After years of development, Liongrip has become a full range of suppliers of lifting equipment, mandrel and core chuck. From development, design, marketing, manufacturing to service, we cover the entire value chain. With state-of-the-art workshops and superb design software, we can design and manufacture parts from a few millimeters to several meters long.

Product Characteristics

  • Super arm span:Liongrip has an ultra-long robotic arm with a radius of up to 4.5 meters, providing you with a wider working space.
  • Stable structure:Liongrip's super-strong structure ensures a stable center of gravity and supports efficient operations.
  • Height lifting: The maximum lifting height of Liongrip is 2 meters to meet the diverse work needs.
  • 360-degree rotation: The host can be rotated to 400 degrees to achieve all-round operation and improve work efficiency.
  • Humanized operation: Force sensing servo handle control, the workpiece can be easily suspended within the lifting range, reducing the operating burden.
  • Safety protection: Liongrip is equipped with air cut-off protection Settings to ensure safe and reliable operation.

A Wide Range of Applications

Liongrip has a wide range of applications, covering such areas as sheet feeding, coil loading, obstacle feeding, steel loading, machine tool operation and body assembly. Whether it is a heavy workpiece or a complex job, Liongrip can easily perform.

Human Engineering Design

Liongrip focuses on user-friendly design, and employees can move goods weighing up to 200 kilograms without additional force within a radius of 4 meters and a height of 2 meters. The flexibility and comfort of Liongrip effectively avoids injuries and reduces employee fatigue and sick leave.

Economic Benefit

Liongrip's simple design, robust construction, ease of installation and versatility achieve economic benefits in all aspects. Each plant only needs to have an air source (6bar) and a power source (220V) to easily install Liongrip without additional investment.

Future Outlook

Only by personally operating Liongrip, you can deeply feel! It is exhilarating and incredible to be able to move 200 kg of goods with ease at your fingertips!

Liongrip not only stands for innovation, but also leads the industry. We believe that under the leadership of Liongrip, the lifting equipment industry will continue to create new opportunities and create more value for the world.

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