Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel

B27P100 grain-oriented electronic CRGO wafer silicon steel coils are used in power equipment to reduce energy loss and improve transformer efficiency.

Material: Oriented Silicon Steel                                                                                             Technique: Cold Rolled
Thickness: 0.18 - 0.3 Mm                                                                                             Standard: AISI,ASTM,BS,DIN,GB,JIS
Place Of Origin: Shanghai, China                                                                                             Tolerance: Min Width Tolerance ±0.01
Processing: Decoiling, Cutting                                                                                             Delivery Time: 15-21 Days
Application: Transformer Core                                                                                             Width: 50-1250mm Or Requests

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Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel

Grain Oriented Electrical CRGO Sheets Silicon Steel Coils

Cold-rolled silicon steel sheets are divided into two types: grain-free and grain-oriented steel strips. Generally, grain-oriented cold-rolled strips are used as iron cores for motors or welding transformers, etc.; grain-oriented cold-rolled strips are used as iron cores for power transformers, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, and the like.

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Characteristics

❶ Magnetic properties
The magnetic properties of the product is featured by its low core loss, high permeability and excellent application performance.

❷ Thickness tolerance
The good thickness tolerance is characterized by small difference in thickness in a direction parallel to the direction of rolling small difference in thickness in a direction perpendicular to the direction of rolling, and high lamination factor.

❸ Processing property
The product is suitable for punching and cutting with excellent dimensional tolerance.

❹ Insulation coating
The insulation coating has small color deviation, good adhesiveness and excellent resistance to heating and corrosion with high insulation coating resistance. There are several types of insulation coating available for production.

According to the test results performed by the professional inspection organizations, the contents of hazardous substances comply with all the prevailing international and domestic environment protection laws and regulations including EU RoHS and REACH regulations.

Dimensional and Shape Tolerances

Nominal Thickness


Nominal Thickness Tolerance (mm)
Longitudinal Thickness Tolerance (mm)
Traverse Thickness Tolerance (mm)






Camber within 2m
≦0.010 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9
≦0.010 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9
≦0.015 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9
≦0.015 0~+1 ≦1.5  ≦0.9
0.30 ±0.025 ≦0.025 ≦0.015 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9
0.35 ±0.025 ≦0.025 ≦0.015 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9


a. The traverse thickness deviation refers to the thickness difference between the center of the steel plate and 15mm from the edge.

b. The longitudinal thickness difference is the difference between the maximum thickness and the minimum thickness measured along the length direction (parallel to the rolling direction) on any steel strip with a length of 2m.

c. Please feel free to contact us if you have special requirements.

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